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SUN - The Doctor (Article by Ms. Neha)

Sun has its importance from ancient times. Our Upanishads & Vedas laid down on the rules where sun is worshipped as personification of God.

Sun is that which makes people to get back to their works. If sun is not there, then life does not exist.

The need of sun is not less then Air. It is also said that “Water is good.”, ‘Air is better.’ And ‘Light (Sun) is the best’.

In earlier times, people used to heal themselves from the rays of sun.

Sunlight is the most powerful curative agent to nature and human. As where light does not enter diseases does.

If sunlight is seen through spectrum, it splits into seven colors and these colors present particular Chakras in our body. Now a days, color is used to heal the diseases, which we call: -Color therapy or chronotherapy.

Various diseases been treated by various colors. For example: -

1. Violet Color represents Sahastrara chakra (Crown Center). Violet color often called the power ray. Which is helpful in stimulating nervous system.

2. Indigo represents Agyachakra (Eyebrow center). It works as a purifier to blood stream. This ray is called ‘The ray of Holy Ghost’.

3. Blue Represents Vishuddhi Chakra (Throat Center). It works as an antiseptic.

4. Yellow color represents ‘Manipur Chakra’ (Solar Plexus). It controls the digestive process and helps to purify system through eliminative actions.

5. Orange Color represents Swadishthan Chakra (Splenic Center), it assists in the assimilation, distributive and circulatory processes.

6. Red Color represents ‘Mooladhar Chakra’ (Coccygeal Center). It stimulates arterial blood and brings warmth to cool extremities.

How to take benefits from the Sun?

· Application of light through different colored glasses.

· By external application of Color charged water or oil.

· By internal application from drinking color charged water and inhaling color charged air.

· By taking sunbath.

Let us hope you take the advantage of sun in its best possible way.

Article by:

Ms Neha


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