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Language Courses

French is a romance language of the Indo-European family. It is an official language of 29 countries across the various continents. French is also one the six official languages used in United Nations. It is spoken as first language in France, Canada, Belgium, Western Switzerland and many more countries. French is estimated to have about 76 million native speakers. 

French is the most popular choice among students in India, who want to learn foreign languages.

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Bonjour Française

An Introductory Course in French Language

Type: Certificate Course

Class Mode: Online & Onsite

                        (FLTCC Sonepat)

Professional French

A Complete Course in French Language

 Covering DELF Level A1 / A2 / B 1 / B 2 Syllabus 

Type: Certificate Course

Class Mode: Online & Onsite

                        (FLTCC Sonepat)

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