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A Spoken English Club

'Speak-Eng' is one of the clubs by FLTCC, where we connect English speaking people and offer them a platform to interact and share their views, opinion and thoughts on certain topics.

The idea behind forming this club is to provide a common platform for people of all ages to come together, attend, engage, learn, and practice their abilities under the supervision of skilled professionals.
Our 'Speak-Eng' club meetups are focused on:
•    Enhancing one's English-speaking skills;
•    Removing the fear to speak in public;
•    Learning from each other via discussing various topics; and
•    Personality development.

Eligibility to Apply Our Membership

  1. Applicant should be 8 years old or above.

  2. Applicant must have basic knowledge of English Language (Spoken not mandatory)

When and Where we do have Club Meetups?

 All Sundays (11 am - 12:30 pm)

 Foreign Language Training & Cultural Centre, Sujan Singh Park, Sonipat (Hr.)-131001

 Offline Mode: Yes

 Online Mode: NO

Membership Fee:

300 INR per Month 

(Membership will be renewed on 1st day of every month)

Join Speak-Eng Club

Thanks for registering! Our Team will contact you soon.

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