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Hallo Deutsch

An Introductory Course in German Language

Type: Certificate Course

Class Mode: Online & Onsite

                        (FLTCC Sonepat)

"Hallo Deutsch" is an Introductory  course in German language, specially designed for those who are willing to taste  the language before opting 'German Language' as their main course. 


This course covers basic sentence patterns, everyday vocabulary as well as  basic conversations that everybody has in their daily lives, along with the Introduction to German Writing System.

This is one of the best courses for those, who are planning a trip to Germany or other German spoken country and just want to understand some simple movements and routine conversations that they may encounter during their visit. 

This course's content empowers our students to speak openly and pose and address common life questions including self-introduction, Inquiring about or telling about directions, locations, Indicating things, Dates, Special Days in One’s life, The Price of goods and much more.

Course Duration: 7 hrs.

Course Fee: 1200 INR   

Registration Fee: 100 INR

In case of any query, feel free to contact us (+91-9896879722)

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