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Japanese Classes for DPS Jagdalpur students (24 May - 29 May)

‘Experience Japan’ offered a ‘Japanese language Course’ named ‘Sakura’ to the students participating in the summer camp scheduled from 24 May - 29 May 2021, organized by ‘Delhi Public School Jagdalpur’.

Experience Japan has conducted Japanese language classes for the students of grade 6 to grade 9.

43 students participated in these training sessions and learned basic Introductory Japanese language along with information on Japanese culture, life-style, festivals and food.

These sessions were conducted by Mr. Jitender Mehta on the online platform named ‘ZOOM’.

We appreciate the initiative taken by Respected Principal Ms. Manisha Singh (DPS Jagdalpur) introduced the Japanese language program for the participants of the summer camp. Also we are thankful to all the staff members (Specially Dr. Rao) for their support and cooperation to run this program successfully.

We are looking forward to a long term association with DPS Jagdalpur.

Thank you


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