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"Power of Positive Thinking" - A Talk by Ms. Tejal R. Vasa

Experience Japan organized an Online Talk on the topic “Power of Positive Thinking” under the project named “EJ-Talk” via the FLTCC platform on 12 September 2020 (Saturday) at 7 PM.

This session was conducted by our special guest ‘Ms. Tejal R. Vasa’ from Mumbai (MH).

Ms. Tejal is the founder of ‘Spirit of Life Training’, ‘A Motivational Speaker’, ‘NLP Practitioner’ and a ‘soft skills trainer’.

The session was started by Mr. Jitender Mehta (President – EJ). He briefly introduced FLTCC and Ms. Tejal (Guest Speaker).

After that Ms. Tejal took over and shared her thoughts on positivity. She mentioned various examples for the better understanding of the topic. Ms.Tejal told that

'Thoughts turn into actions, actions turn into habits and habits turn into our personality' and 'positive thinking gives out positive energy to the universe'.

Prof. Mohit Bhatnagar (Advisor – EJ) and Mr. Dheeraj Gupta (Advisor – EJ) also mentioned their inputs on the same during the discussion.

More Than 25 pre-registered people (All age groups) attended this session and shared their views.

Ms. Tejal took the queries of the audience in the end.

Mr. Mehta concluded the session with a vote of thanks.

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