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Speak English - A Meetup in Sonipat (12 Dec 2021)

FLTCC (Foreign Language Training & Cultural Center) by “Experience Japan” conducted a ‘meetup in Sonipat’ named “Speak English” at our own premises, on 12 December 2021 (Sunday) from 10:30 AM to 12 PM.

Objective of this meetup was as mentioned below:

  1. Make people comfortable in English speaking

  2. Make people comfortable in Public Speaking.

  3. Enhance attendees’ English language skills under the guidance of trainers.

  4. Create a platform for debate or sharing one’s thoughts and opinions on general topics.

This session was conducted by Mr. Mohit Bhatnagar (Asst. Prof. - GIET).

10 people from the city Sonipat attended this meetup and shared their thoughts on current affairs.

We are keen to conduct such more sessions in the future also.

Thank you




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