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Introduction to Japanese - A Talk by Mr. Jitender Mehta (26 July 2020)

Experience Japan conducted a webinar on the topic named “Introduction to Japanese” on 26 July 2020 (Sunday) from 5 PM – 6 PM on online platform named “Google Meet”.

Objective of this webinar was to spreading awareness regarding opportunities for ‘Japanese language learners’, ‘Investment by Japan in India’ and ‘Sentence structure in Japanese language’.

Session was conducted by Mr. Jitender Mehta (President – Experience Japan) and attended by 25 people of all age groups from various cities of India.

Mr. Mehta told that there are more than 1000 Japanese people living in India and more than 30000 Indians living in Japan. Also approximate 1500 Japanese companies are registered in India and career opportunities are rising for Japanese language professionals.

Participants inquired about Opportunities in Japan, Japanese Universities and Scholarships also.

Session was concluded with the vote of thanks by Mr. Jitender Mehta.

Thank you

Experience Japan

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