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'ORIMASHOO' - An Online Origami Workshop by Ms. Priyanka (FLTCC)

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Experience Japan organized an Online Workshop "Orimashoo" on Origami making via the FLTCC platform on 27th September 2020 (Sunday) at 7 PM.

This session was conducted by our special guest, Ms. Priyanka.

Ms. Priyanka is a professional Origami artist.

The session was started by Mr. Jitender Mehta (President- EJ). He briefly introduced FLTCC and Ms. Priyanka (Guest Speaker).

After that Ms. Priyanka took over and passionately taught the art of Origami. Ms. Priyanka told that 'Origami is the art of folding paper into decorative shapes'.

The participants followed Ms. Priyanka enthusiastically as she taught paper folding and were able to make beautiful shapes using Origami paper. They learned making spinner and the technique of paper-locking.

The session was enjoyable as well as provided learning to the participants.

More than 70 pre-registered people (All age groups) attended this session.

Mr. Mehta concluded the session with a vote of thanks.

Report by: Ms. Ishita



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