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"YOGA - Makes your Body Flexible" - A Talk by Ms. Neha (Professional Yoga Trainer and Dietitian)

E J conducted a 'Talk session' on 5 September 2020 (Saturday), 4 PM on the topic "YOGA - Makes your body flexible" by using online platform named "Google Meet".

This session was conducted by Ms. Neha, who is a professional Yoga Trainer and Dietitian based in Sonepat (Hr).

This session started with the introduction of Yoga following by a brief introduction if its elements and flexibility in terms of Body, Mind and Soul.

She also talked about the science behind the Asanas, Pranayam and Meditation; key points to Yoga.

Session was attended by 20 participants across the country.

Session conculded by Mr. Jitender Mehta (President - EJ) with the vote of thanks.

Thank you!


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